We Test Drove These Cars To Show You The Best Rides For A Roadtrip

Project Manager Vanessa Lim | Reviewers #TeamCLEO | Photography Courtesy of Brands Featured

There’s nothing like the open road and the excitement of adventure and a roadtrip.

#TeamCLEO test drove these beasts to find out the best cars that you need to get behind the wheel of to feed that inner wanderlust.

We’ve lined up some of the best in the automobile industry to ease you through the selection process. So scroll through as you plan your next test drive with some of the hot wheels we’ve compiled, these are the best for taking on the road and going long distance!

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cleo says: need for speed 
volkswagen Golf gti (RM247,662 without insurance)


Like all the Volkwagen’s headliners, the lowered suspensions of the car is amazing. Whether you’re on a long or curvy road, you’ll get that tight grip, stability and that better hug of the road (especially corners)! We also love how snug the seats are, making you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a race car.


You’re in for a surprise with this. Do look out for how powerful this car actually is! Coming in a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, delivering almost up to 228 horsepower and also 258-poundfeet of torque. Move aside everyone, as you’re about to make a powerful road presence.

Love going fast and furious? This stylish and cool hatchback is here for you. You’ll be living a Need for Speed dream with this one as you’re able to cruise smoothly on the road without having too much wind noise.

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