7 Malaysian-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas Anyone Should Try

Halloween is almost here and if you’re about to hit the panic button because you haven’t decided on what to wear, hold it!

If you’re way past the whole “cute nurse or cat woman” phase, we have ideas that will have all eyes glued on you. 2018 has been a remarkable year for us Malaysians — GE14 happened and the rest was history. So, why not dress up as something that all Malaysians can relate to?

Whether or not you’re dressing up for Halloween, it’s always fun to see who’s dressing up as who and who has the wackiest costume! Check out our hilarious ideas that might get you winning the best dressed award this year:

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costume idea 1: Nasi Lemak

Credit: @sammyliciouss17 via Twitter

If there’s one thing we Malaysian all unite for, it’s food — so we can’t forget our beloved Nasi Lemak. The thing about Nasi Lemak is, we can eat it anytime of the day! Be it for breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner or supper, you name it.

We love our local food so much that we wouldn’t mind dressing up to it! This mouth-watering dress was first seen on Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Samantha Katie James, and was designed by local designer, Brian Khoo. So, Nasi Lemak for Halloween? Malaysia Boleh!

Get iron-on patches of egg and cucumber slices, then cut out shapes of ikan bilis from cardboard boxes and get a piece of red-coloured cloth. Once you have gathered everything, stick them onto a plain white tee. Also, don’t forget to get the banana leaves as a finishing touch!

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