Malaysian Man Calls Nurul Izzah On Talk Show To Comment On Her Underwear And Breasts

It’s the 21st century and men are still focused on finding ways to degrade and oppress women?

It was just this morning that Permatang Pauh MP, Nurul Izzah received a call from a man while she was live on a talk show, telling her that she needs to dress properly. He started off by introducing himself and then proceeds to tell her that she needs to also be mindful of her clothes because her head scarf is sometimes messy and when it is messy, he can see her bra and the swells of her breasts.

You would think that after everything she has done, dedicating her life to this country, people would be more focused on her achievements rather than what she wears.

Find out what he said here, watch til the end:

Nurul Izzah has never been seen dressed inappropriately and now some guy wants to call her out because he thinks that her tudung is askew. It was clear in the video that Nurul Izzah was shocked by what the caller, Azrul had to say to her (well, who expects someone to say that, amirite?) that all she did was nod her head in understanding. She only gave a reaction, a small one might I add, when he pointed out that he could see her bra and the swells of her breast. No one blames her for not giving a bigger response as she was probably in shock but was quick to end the conversation and the call once he has said his peace.

Malaysians took to Twitter and stood by Nurul Izzah:

We would flip too, honestly.

She was annoyed but she kept calm.

Women everywhere are angry.

Thank God, not all men are assholes.

Nurul Izzah replied to one of her well wishers, thanking the public for their support and telling women why we need to push back:


Here at #TeamCLEO, we’ve got a few theories on why this nutjob might have made that ridiculous phone call. Firstly, he could have mental issues (like seriously dude, crawl back into whatever hole you came from). Secondly, he was dared by his friends to make that phone call because let’s face it, no person in their right mind (see first theory) would ever say that to such a recognised woman. Lastly, is it possible that all this was one big giant hoax set up by the network?

Ask yourself this, if it was man, would you be asking him to adjust his clothes or wear appropriate clothing because we can see the outline of his penis?

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