A Malaysian Tech Blogger Made #SayaKenaHack For You To Check If Your Data Has Been Breached

Update on 17th November 2017: Malaysia’s internet regulator MCMC has blocked off the website due to safety concerns.


About less than a month since the story broke out on an unknown user selling off databases of personal details of Malaysians on Lowyat Forums.

At first glance it can easily be brushed off as a scam but we were quick to learn that it ended up being one of the biggest data breaches in history with 17 millions rows of data exposed from sources like Jobstreet.com, the Malaysian Medical Council, the Malaysian Medical Association, Academy of Medicine Malaysia, the Malaysian Housing Loan Applications, the Malaysian Dental Association and the National Specialist Register of Malaysia.

If that’s not enough to get you worried, the excel sheet also includes customer data from major telcos we are all very familiar with in the likes of Altel, Celcom, DiGi, Enabling Asia, Friendimobile, Maxis, MerchantTradeAsia, PLDT, RedTone, TuneTalk, Umobile and XOX.

A micro-site has appeared to save us all, SayaKenaHack.com was created by Keith Rozario. A lawyer by day and tech blogger by night is what’s stated on his Twitter bio, by now I think he can expand that title to identify himself as a superhero without a cape.

All you have to do is simply open the site, key in your IC number to see if you’re in the safe zone or the hacker has your info. You’re probably thinking, why should I trust this dude who codes for fun? Well, he actually made a post about it on his blog explaining what to do if you’ve been breached and how he’s not just phishing for your IC number.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to his podcast interviews on BFM.