Malaysians Need To Be More Wealthy By Being Healthy

Because wealth is health and Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia with an obesity rate of 45.3%. That’s right, 2014 findings from the British Medical Journal, The Lancet showed that 49% of our women and 44% of our men were obese.

These findings reflect a big problem (no pun intended) for our people. It has implications of diabetes, heart problems, certain types of cancer and even depression. 

What’s more worrying is that obesity among Malaysian children are also on the rise and it’s about time we create an early awareness to help set our children on healthier and nutritional paths.

And that’s precisely why JUICE WORKS was founded back in December 2004. They believe that Malaysians must do something about their health and they believe healthier eating and drinking habits is the best way to start. 

They juice the freshest fruits, for you, and mix them into the healthiest, most nutritious and delicious drinks.

And keeping children their minds – JUICE WORKS will  be rolling out new cup size for children starting April 15, 2017! At 250 ml, they are simply calling it ‘JUNIOR’ in hopes this will encourage parents to start their children on the path of wellness and health early.