Malaysia’s Covid-19 Enforcement Was Praised By A Traveller And We Should Be So Proud

We have to hand it to Malaysians, we are a pretty patient and efficient bunch when it comes to facing adversities.

Despite what life throws at us, we seem to be able to cope quite calmly and also, listen to instructions and abide by the laws. We should be so proud!

It’s most evident though in this foreigner’s tweet that said that Malaysia is an exemplary example when it comes to handling a pandemic.

This is an American traveller, Jason Hassenstab, an Associate Professor at Washington U who compared us to other countries while he was trying to get back home to the US. He noted that while Malaysia is still considered “Third World” (are we? We’re guessing yes lah.), we were lightyears ahead of other countries (including the US) when it came to enforcing rule and getting our literal sh** together when it comes to a worldwide pandemic.

We need a clear and consistent message to truly #flattenthecurve, and it speaks volumes about our leadership that we need model our nationwide response after other countries like Malaysia.”

Twitter user Neuroplebian

Read through his tweets and you’ll feel so impressed by the work Malaysians have done to band together in these trying times. Malaysia boleh lah!

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He first starts out by explaining that he was travelling in Malaysia and had to get home.

Then he goes into the contrasts he had noticed between the different countries he flew through.

It was clear that no matter where he was, he saw the message of what to do. Stay Home.

In KLIA our enforcement officers were very strict and proper about their distancing.

You’re probably thinking: “Isn’t everyone doing this?!?!”

Apparently not!!


Now, this would be scary. To have someone that sick on your flight.

Now he goes into how serious this pandemic is.

And this is what he has to say, finally.

You’ll find the original thread here. 

Kudos to all the frontliners in this mission of creating awareness and keeping the pandemic at bay! Malaysians should be so proud that we are able to battle the virus the way we currently are.