What a Man’s Jeans Say About Him

what his jeans say about him

Perhaps the most democratic of fabrics, denim’s one of the few things men can buy without losing their minds. If you’ve taken the quiz here, you’ll know what your denim says about you. But if you’re wondering what your boyfriend’s jeans say about him, then let me give you a helping hem.

Mr Skinny

Blame Heidi Slimane, recently of YSL, who pioneered a silhouette so scrotum-crushingly lean that every high-street brand followed. The man who only wears skinnies sits somewhere between trend-slave and fashion-aware, depending on what he teams them with.

Mr Distressed 

Unless he’s actually in a rock band, this look can be a tad try-hard on men – not so on women, for some reason. A couple of nicks do possess a sense of vintage cool but any more could overdo the whole rebel thing. And, really, who wants to see a peek of hairy thighs straining from his trousers?

Mr Budget

If you’ve ever harboured the notion of settling down with a man just like your dad, your destiny awaits at the RM50 table. This guy doesn’t give a continental about the finish or fit – so long as he can clip his mobile phone to the waistband. Should the IT help desk be your idea of a happy hunting ground, then follow this stone-washed trail.

Mr Dark

Lest you think we are just tearing strips of the men in distressed jeans, we’d like to tip our metaphorical hat at the man who opts for classic navy denim in a slim-cut and mid-rise. Bonus points for a cuff worn with a boot for a hint of rockabilly. This is the male equivalent of a little black dress.

Mr Cuff

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Credit: David Smiedt