March: This Is The Month To…

hello, March!

We knew February was going to fly by like no other considering it’s got the least days but isn’t it just even more daunting that we’re already in March? Ffffff… Only 9 months left to go!

Malaysia sees no four seasons but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let the influence of Spring put a skip in our step!

This 2017, #TeamCLEO is bringing you ‘This Is The Month To…’ – an inspirational digital series to kick you into doing new things, exploring the unknown and creating new memories for yourself.

Spring forward

Let the colours from the runway shows be your source of Spring-spiration this March! Check out all the fashion weeks and find the in-colours this season that you should start incorporating into your wardrobe!

Swap your sneakers for bright heels

Add a bit of colour into your wardrobe this month and swap out those sneakers for some bright heels! Then take yourself out and strut those babies for everyone to see.

Carry a bit of a good luck wherever you go 

It’s time to step out and bring a little a sparkle into your life and into everyone else’s. Be kind, take chances and always say thank you to what the universe has thrown your way.