BREAKING: The MCO Will Be Extended To 12 May, With Exceptions

It is a special night for Muslims, as Ramadan is already upon us. The most special month of the year and most-awaited too. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the Prime Minister, took to a live announcement to wish us well.

However, there’s also something else happening that we couldn’t ignore, and the Prime Minister acknowledged the country’s COVID-19 recovery rate is one of the highest in the world. It’s not enough to ensure that the pandemic is fully over, so the MCO is going to be extended another two more weeks until 12 May. 

There are some loosening on the restrictions:

  1. Students on campus who were not allowed to go back home, will be able to in a while. There are 100,000 of them so the government is planning their movements to make sure it’s in order and there is no risk of contraction. They have to be ensured to be healthy before they can go back. It will happen in a bit and they will plan that it will happen soon — what’s important is that they get home safe.
  2. Those who are stuck in the kampung or stuck somewhere before the MCO that needs to go back home, govt will give them that one chance to go home.  They’re planning the best way to allow people to go home — you can register online at the application by PDRM or go to the police station to make the registration. It’s important for the police to know so that there won’t be any logjams at the highway stops.

Check back in for more updates.

Salam Ramadan to those who are fasting tomorrow.