Meet the Baristas of Starbucks’ First Signing Store in the World

Starbucks in Bangsar Village II recently reopened with fresh coffee beans and an even fresher outlook. Fondly called the Signing Store, it is the first Starbucks outlet in the world dedicated to providing employment opportunities for deaf partners. The store is opened in collaboration with The Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (SID), which also provided the outlet two sign language interpreters to help in the process of hiring, training and coaching for the Deaf. How great is that?

They have received nothing short of positive and heart-warming feedback, and we hope more places will build on this concept soon! But before you rush over to get your cuppa, why not learn a little about some of the people you will be meeting there and nick a few tips on ordering.


“Since I joined Starbucks three years ago as a barista, my goal has been to become Starbucks Malaysia’s first Deaf store manager and after my recent promotion to shift manager, I’m well on way to achieving this dream. It’s an incredible feeling to share my journey and help develop other Deaf partners.” – Aizad


“When I first heard of this initiative, I immediately signed up for the position and the challenge. I think it will be a truly rewarding experience.” – Evonne


The store currently employs 10 Deaf partners and three hearing partners. Hearing partners will be taught sign language. Perhaps you will get one of these awesome people as your barista:











  • A Starbucks Card kiosk lets you check your card balance and rewards prior to placing your drink and food items on an order ticket
  • When your barista keys in your order, it will be displayed on a point-of-sale dual screen for you to ensure that your order is correct
  • Instead of having your name called out, your order number will pop up on a large screen above the pick-up counter. Head over to collect your food and beverages!
  • Give the employees a nice surprise by signing your favourite beverage. You can learn with this Starbucks Notebook: