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Mufgels – when a muffin and a bagel have a tryst in a dank back alley

blueberry muffin, bagel, mufgelMalaysia is no stranger to fusion food, but when crossbred sweet treats like the cronut (a croissant plus donut) made its way to our shores, the craze died down pretty quickly. We, however, discovered a new hybrid that we’d like to try: the mufgel!

Fruity Pebbles Mufgel with Funfetti Cream Cheese

It’s a cross between muffins and bagels, and this breakfast treat is quickly becoming a sensation in New York City. Not only did it become an internet star, it also sells out daily at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn. Its owner, Scot Rossillo, came up with the over-the-top creation when he heard a radio advertisement that had a parody on food crazes in New York City. The then-fictional mufgel was referenced as a trend people were waiting to try, and the baker turned it into a reality.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Pizza Mufgel

According to head of marketing and development, Francine LaBarbara, Scot headed straight to his lab to craft the perfect combination of muffin batter and bagel dough. The Bagel Store currently only bakes 42 mufgels a day, which features a crumbly muffin top and chewy bagel bottom. They come in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours. Check out these exotic combinations:

Chocolate Chip Crumb Mufgel

Carrot Cake Mufgel

The Mega Pizza Mufgel

Mozzarella Cheese Pizza Mufgel with Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese

Fruit Loop Mufgel

Chocolate Chip Mufgel with Oreo Cream Cheese, 1Pookie Cookie and Cotton Candy

Corn Pops Cereal Mufgel with Funfetti Sprinkles Cream Cheese

What do you think? Would you like the mufgel to come to our shores?

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