Menstrual Leave At The Workplace: Why Doesn’t It Exist Yet In Malaysia?

Growing up without sisters, there was a lot I had to learn on my own about my body.

The transition from a girl to a woman, thankfully I had my mother who would always stress on hygiene and how important it is to stay hydrated while I’m on period.

But no one ever talks about the excruciating pain seriously, because we’re expected to buck up and handle it like every other women who don’t complain about it. This is where the assumption is so so SO wrong.

Every woman fight their own battle when Aunt Flo comes to visit, some women are even lucky enough to not feel a thing for only 2 to 3 days a month. Others, like myself, would require medicine to clear the migraine and pyjama pants to live in for the next 5 to 6 days.

It’s no secret that cramps are the worst, so why do we have to lie about it at work?

Based on a research by YouGov, over half (53%) of women find that period pain affects their ability work through the lack of concentration. When you’re not feeling your best, productivity levels will be at its lowest. Around a third (32%) of women have taken a break from their work due to severe pain whereas (18%) would excuse themselves early from the office.

It’s not a silly excuse, it’s my body.

There are already many companies in countries around the world like India, South Korea and Taiwan to name a few that has implemented menstrual leave and right now in Malaysia, 81% of women say that their period pain affects their ability to work.

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