Meteor Shower Visible Over Night Sky In Malaysia

Meteor Shower visible over night sky in Malaysia

On Saturday August 12, 12.30am, make sure you stop and set your sights up high into the sky because the Perseids meteor shower will be showing up over the country. According to the National Space Agency of Malaysia and as reported by The Star, “Malaysians would be able to see between 60 and 150 meteors an hour in areas free of light pollution during the phenomenon.” This may mean driving out of the city for optimal meteor shower sighting.

The Perseids meteor shower happens every year between July 17 and Aug 24, and is made up of bits of the comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet debris are what pepper the sky with the most amazing meteor shower night-sky show.

We will leave you now to start organizing a cosmo-themed party.

Update: The meteor shower will be visible over the night sky in the country at about 1.30am on Sunday according to the National Space Agency.

Photo credit: Ismael Ma