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16-Year-Old Captures the Most Instagram-Worthy Photos Ever

Filling up our Instagram accounts with pretty shots is the goal of many, but while most of us photograph our #ootd at cafes or sunsets at the beach, Jannik Obenhoff had other ideas.

The Ice Chapel, a breathtaking place at the bottom of the Watzmann.

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He captures downright breathtaking photographs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy that gets your wanderlust on high with snowy mountains, serene lakes and starry skies among others. And guess what? He’s only 16 years old.

A shooting star! What would you wish for ?

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Yep, you read that right. Jannik started taking photos with his iPad when he was 13, and has since levelled up to a DSLR camera plus a drone! His photos have garnered over 400,000 followers on Instagram and the school-goer is earning a some serious pocket money through sponsorships on his page.

Me, standing in front of the famous Panascharte.

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“I picked nature photography as my main theme because I really like the German landscape and the Alps, which are near where I live,” the German told MailOnline Travel.

The superbloodmoon?

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Jannik has been an outdoor lover all his life and first took up photography as a hobby. He is a member of the German Roamers, a group of young nature and photography enthusiasts who travel the world snapping amazing pictures.

My shot in the background and @rockkhound ‘s picture in the foreground. I really like his #rhviewfinder project.

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He loves photographing the Alps (the Stubai Alps in particular), as can be seen in many of his shots, but he also hopes to travel to Canada, China, Iceland and Greenland in the future.


A photo posted by Jannik Obenhoff (@jannikobenhoff) on

“If you won’t go out and explore, you won’t see how beautiful nature can be,” the humble photog stated on Instagram’s blog. We say aye to that and sure can’t wait to see more from this talented dude!


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