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8 Movies To Watch With Your Mum That Won’t Make You Both Cringe

Every year, you get your mum flowers and a gift for Mother’s Day, and it kind of feels like the same old routine. Also, you’re really looking into saving some money this year and prefer not to spend too much.

Maybe you’re thinking of celebrating at home this year. Have a cosy night in, just you and mum, and watch some movies you both love.

But you don’t want to be stuck watching a movie that’ll make you (and mum!) cringe with some inappropriate scenes.

Well, here are 8 movies that you’ll both feel comfortable to watch. You’ll find heartwarming, funny and reflective movies here that’ll give you all the feels this Mother’s Day.

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Step Mom (1998)

But tbh who couldn’t love Julia Roberts as a step mom??

Ah, the complications that come with a new person joining the family. Three years after their divorce, Luke Harrison (Ed Harris) introduces his younger new girlfriend, fashion photographer Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts) to the family. It gets a little tense when the children evidently take their mother, Jackie’s (Susan Sarandon) side. The family goes on a ride in growing together through Jackie’s illness.

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