#MyCLEOEB15 Tell All: Girl of My Dreams…

Guys are looking at personality over looks, now more than ever! That’s right, we talked to the Most Eligible Bachelors of 2015 and asked them to pick only two traits out of four (good looking, smart, caring and fun) for their life partner and a whopping 40% chose caring and fun. 32% chose smart and fun, while 24% chose smart and caring, with only the remaining 4% seeing looks and smarts as the most important traits. See what the boys have to say about the subject below!

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I’d like my life partner to be fun and caring, definitely. Because the ultimate goal in life is to be happy and if the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with has these characteristics, then I’m all set. – Nara Visvalingam, 25.

There’s no contest, she’s gotta be smart and fun. I mean, I’m the good looking and caring one, so we need balance each other out, you know? – Matt Pyne, 23.

I’m going to sound so douche but she would have to be good looking because let’s face it, looks are pretty important to attraction. She would also have to be caring. Because being caring is something you grow up learning and not something you can just pick up. – Raja Shah Irshad, 26.

If I had to choose only two then fun and caring. I’d love to have a big family, so there’s gotta be that instinctual need to love and be caring, it’s important; there’s not enough kindness in the world. But you need to have fun too. So fun and caring would definitely be the best combination. – David Lee Knighton, 23.

I need a partner who is cares for me and is just fun in general because life is a long journey, you should have a reason to smile. – James Tan, 24.

Smart and fun. There’s just something about a girl who knows how to let loose and enjoy herself, and I also like a smart girl. It’s ridiculous to be with someone who doesn’t challenge you intellectually, so having a girl who’s smarter than me around is a must. – Iwan Gerber, 23.

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