#MYCLEOEB16: CLEO Bachelors Go Topless on Instagram

Because we know just one single picture of them covered in sports attire isn’t going to cut it, we’ve curated some of the steamiest, sexiest topless pictures of the bachelors and laid them all out here on this page. You’re welcome.

Public voting is still open so make sure you log on to http://bachelors.cleo.my to vote for your favourite guy, and while you’re at it, might as well register yourself to win exclusive passes to the finale party and catch (or touch) our bachelors in the flesh!

#43 Rayfeal Lopez

#30 Akash Neil Nandy

#14 Maswari Asmawar

I woke up like this, I woke up like this…

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#12 Lionel Sumner

Still shit at wakeboarding

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#32 Ridwan Mustafa

#44 Adery Chin

Summoning my SAIYAN FLARE LOLLLLLL #mhcoverguy16 #mycleoeb16 #oomphcafekl #ManWithAPlan #MensHealthMalaysia

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#45 Jared Sundram

#50 Arif Johari

? #Songkran #FoamParty

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