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Netflix Binge? Match Your Snack To Your Fave Show

With school holidays and long weekends (and at this age), there’s nothing we welcome more than a nice, relaxing night in. Sure a night out on the town sounds like fun, but some days you just need to unwind and slow down in  the comfort of your own domain —  perhaps even with a proper Netflix binge session and snacks included.

Just in case you were planning on your own ME time, here’s a look at some shows to check out on Netflix as well as what snack would do the trick to complete your binge session.

More Cheetos, please.

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SANTA CLARITA DIET = stay carnivorous

Who does not love Drew Barrymore? Even so, Drew Barrymore as a flesh eating zombie with an optimistic outlook on life and a can-do spirit. With Season 3 in tow, you can continue to follow Sheila’s continuous search for the meaning of life (or technically death) and Joel’s investigation of the secret society.

Say no to… Cannabalism? Image: Netflix

Suggested Snack: Ribs would be great but a bucket of KFC will do the trick too, just to bring out your inner Sheila Hammond – minus the human-eating portion :-\

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