Unwind And Recharge At These 7 Spiritual Retreats In New South Wales

Living the urban life is a recipe for anxiety. The noise, the crowd, the lifestyle – everything’s fast-paced that you’re unknowingly in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. That’s bad news. Prolonged stress can detriment your physical (and mental!) health. You need a break. And by that, we don’t mean taking a day or two off of work to play video games or binge watch Netflix, but actually take time to dissect your inner feelings and cleanse. Fall in nature’s embrace so your soul can be washed away of toxicity and return to its blank state.

While there’s plenty of greenery in our own backyard to let us do so, New South Wales is something out of the box. They’ve got endless beaches, rolling hills and most importantly beautiful weather. You know how the sweltering Malaysian heat can add on to your irritability. Now, no buts. We’ve even done the legwork and found 7 awesome retreats great for healing in this part of the land Down Under.


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Billabong Retreat, Maraylya

Image credit: Vim & Vigour PR

Can’t seem to get into a healthy routine? A few days at Billabong retreat can give you that push! Their mornings start as early as 7 am with yoga, followed by meditation, workshops and optional spa treatments. The soul’s not the only thing being cleansed here, the body goes into detox too with their organic whole-food meals.

Location: 41 McClymonts Road, Maraylya, Sydney, NSW 2765

Price: From RM699 per person

Website: billabongretreat.com.au

FB: @billabongretreat

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