How A Night’s Dream Completely F*cked With My Morning

What is a dream? Is it a memory? A series of thoughts and images that you conjure while you’re asleep?

Dreams are great. Especially when it’s about a family member, your other half or anything good that happens to you.

But then there’s that shitty dream. You know what I’m talking about? The dreams that shock you awake in the middle of the night or the ones that render you into tears as you jump out of bed in a frenzy.

I had a really terrible dream 2 nights ago and you know what, it’s not a dream, it was a nightmare.

Being a daddy’s girl all my life (still am now!), I cannot imagine my life without him. Yes, I still think that he is going to live as long as I am and only pass on when I do. Nothing wrong with that, right?

So dreaming about my father dying in my arms was not exactly a cakewalk for me. Dreaming about anyone dying is never easy actually, unless it’s your cheating ex – now that is a dream come true!

I was told that if you dream of someone passing away; it either means you’re not spending enough time with them or they’re going to live for a really really long time. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

My dream felt so real and the worst part was that it did not end mid way through the night. Nono, it ended in the friggin morning!

The gist of my dream is that my father died in my arms, my boyfriend (someone who I assumed would be my pillar of strength through that difficult time) snubbed me. So on top of losing someone who is so precious to me, my boyfriend decides that I am not worth his time. Greaaaaaat.

Waking up in the morning with fresh tears on my face, I lugged my self out of bed and into a hot steamy shower. There, I stood with my tears mixing with the water. Didn’t really know which were my tears and which was the shower water.

To make matters worse, it poured like hell when I got out of the shower. It’s like God just knew I was having a bad morning and decided to make the weather equally as gloomy. Tugging on sweatpants and the first tshirt my hand gravitated to, I left the house under the pouring rain in my Fippers (mind you, office does not allow flip flops, unless they’re designer?)

Grab drivers did not want to accept my request so I had to take the train, mind you I was already late. Then my Touch N Go card got declined as it had insufficient funds. I was almost soaked to the bone, thank God for trains being air conditioned.

It was just one bad thing after another. Things got better as I got to the office but my mood was another thing. Just grey. Then I fell sick at the end of the day.

It’s safe to say that my day was not the worst ever but emotionally driven by the nightmare that I had the night before.

So if you’ve been in this position before, what do you do? How do you get out of that bad funk? I mean, I can’t possibly be the only person who has been through this.