No Longer A Dream! Airbnb Launches Its First Animal Friendly Experiences

If videos of corgis with floppy butts can make you go ‘aww’, you might want to hold onto something before we go on with our announcement. Ready? Airbnb is launching a whole new animal experience and we don’t know what to think rn!

And here we thought staying a night in the Great Wall of China was bizarre enough, yet we’ve underestimated Airbnb again about how they always bring experiences to greater heights.  This new category allows you to interact with furry friends at a closer level. Be it hiking with rescue dogs, chilling out with alpacas or cuddling cows – it’s no longer a dream.

Here are a few standout Airbnb Animal Experiences to check out if you’re intending on travelling around Asia soon.

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Go on a dairy goat farm tour in penang

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

Kick start your holiday with a dose of cuteness at the dairy goat farm in Penang. There, you’ll play the role of a dairy farmer where you’ll get to feed, pat goats and observe how traditional milk pasteurization is done. When you’ve gone through the guided tour, be sure not to leave home without tasting their handcrafted dairy goat products. It’s OG, so superrrr fresh!


more details

Location: Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, Sg Pinang, Balik Pulau

Duration: 3 hrs

Includes: Transportation, drinks

Price: RM 180 per person

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