No Relationship Is Safe, Are You Guilty Of Netflix Cheating?

A phenomenon that affects all binge-watchers around the globe. Even myself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt any more betrayed than that moment I put the pieces together to find out that my boyfriend has already watched that twisted episode of Black Mirror mid-way through, when he tapped my shoulder to say, ‘Babe, focus. This is the good part’.

(Verb.) Netflixing a TV series with your spouse/friends/significant other and watching episodes while the other party is out. — Urban Dictionary

It’s a real thing, and one of you out there is bound to cheat whether you like it or not. Someone’s going to be busy or not in the mood, and you’ll have to succumb to temptations. Spoilers from friends just add on to the flame.

Visuals to illustrate and break down the analytics for ya’ll To the types of cheaters out there:

So which one are you? Take the test here.