The One Product The CLEO Team Always Have On Their Desk

Everyone is different. They’ve got different interests and opinions. I think someone’s desk could represent a person’s personality and tell you more about them.

I mean you’ve got the decorators, the neat freaks, the slobs and the ones who prefer an empty space. But after interning for a month *achievement accomplished* I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that my colleagues can’t live without on their work table.

“I need to have something fragrant on my table. May it be incense or scented candles, you will find it adorning my table. It’s calming and gentle on the senses” – Lynette Ow, Digital Director.

“My packet of tissue is my best friend. Literally, I need it every single day #runnynoselife” – Shu Wern, Intern. 

“If you find a small table fan attached to a PC, that’s my table. I don’t know why but the office goes from the North Pole to the Sahara desert sometimes and I can’t take the heat” – Natasha Iman, Beauty Writer. 

“My hands get dry due to the air conditioned environment of the office, lotion is my saving grace. I have a small bottle right next to my keyboard so I can *pump pump* whenever I need to” – Pravena Baskaran, Editorial Assistant.

“Because what I do requires my utmost attention, there are times where my brain just wants to shut down with exhaustion. That’s why I have a tin of mints at the corner of my table. Somehow, it just keeps me awake and I can continue with my work” – Vanessa Lim, Graphic Designer.

“For a good laugh, head on over to my table and watch as I turn as red as a tomato *literally* I absolutely detest when I get flushed so as a solution, I’ve got 2 bottles of face mist on my table. I’ll spritz my face every hour, on the hour” – Meghan Angelica Paul, Intern.

“When I’m working on my edits, I block everything out with my favourite set of headphones. I prefer being in my own bubble and it actually helps me concentrate better. Plus no one can disturb me” – Mils Gan, Associate Art Director.

“I’m not sure if this is good or bad but I’m always eating. I constantly need something to munch on and for that very reason, I have food on table. If it’s not on my table, I’m walking out to the nearest cafe to get some” – Elyza Khamil, Digital Content Producer.

“What is coffee? Coffee is life. I will make Godzilla look like an angel until I get my hot dose of happiness in a cup” – Lina Esa, Editor. 

“Editing videos requires time and repetition. I am constantly replaying a scene just to get the angle of the edits right. Most times, I don’t even bother bringing my earphones back home” – Anthony Lee, Videographer.

“I need to always have a lip balm on me. The office is freezing cold and the second I step outside, it’s scorching hot. My sensitive lips need TLC” – Shyafika Arina, Web Writer.

“I’m going old school with a pen and notebook. I know I can set reminders on my phone and even jot down notes in my phone but nah, I prefer physically writing down everything. I would be lost without it” – Voon Wei, Fashion Editor.

“Water is essential and a must for me. I have a neat table, before I leave for the day, I make sure everything is in order. The only thing I bring with me to the office is my massive bottle of water” – Joceline Yan, Features Writer.

“There are times when I just wanna lay my head on the table for a minute or 2 and to make that easy and comfortable for me, I have a cushy pillow stored in my drawer. It’s small enough that I can rest my arm on peacefully” – Joash Kong, Sub-Editor. 

“Coloured post it notes are an obsession. I have a stack of it on my table and in my drawers. They’re extremely handy when I need to write a quick note to my colleagues or a reminder for myself” – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer. 


*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul