Pantone Revealed Its Colour Of The Year And We Don’t Know How To Feel???

At a magazine, colour choice and palettes are a huge part of the work we do. We also work a lot with Pantone colours and their colour charts as they are key when we choose our magazine masthead colours for printing. That’s how you see the bright, bold CLEO from afar at newsstands and grocery stores.

The main “CLEO” is always created with a Pantone colour.

So every year when Pantone announces the colour of the year, we usually wait with bated breath. Living Coral (2019’s colour of the year) was not a predicted choice but it was still a gorgeous one. Not something we saw often thereafter, but still a vibrant, bright colour filled with hope (and is a gorgeous blush shade may we add!).

This year, it was Classic Blue, which seemed like an unusual choice. Sure, blue is underrated in some form or other but this colour choice truly divided #TeamCLEO.

For one, it seems like a strange choice for 2020. It wasn’t something vibrant or “new”. It was just classic. However, perhaps therein lay its beauty.


Don’t think a colour has ever divided us that much before. What are your thoughts? Sound off in our comments on our socials or email us at [email protected]!