Party-Planning Within A 24-Hour Time Frame

Throwing a soirée during this holiday season is a great way to reconnect with friends and family as to ending 2016 on a good note. You don’t have to hire a party planner if it’s out of your budget, practice your event skills by being your own. Who knows? you could even enjoy it and throw in a business card for people to snatch after a successful party. Okay, getting ahead of ourselves now. These are questions you’re going to have to ask yourself when you’re planning for a night full of memories to put the icing off the year.

Is There A Theme Going?

Coming to the end of the year, you will need to clarify whether it’s a Christmas party or a New Years party. This will eventually help you pinpoint a date that is best for everyone and to fit the occasion. Suggestion: Margaritas under the Mistletoe (why not?)

How Many People Are Attending?

Is it a friends only event? Or are your family in on it too? Make a list of people you’re inviting and narrow it down to the ones who are most likely to come by.

Where Will This Party Be Held?


Holiday Villa (Fits 40pax Event)

If you own a bachelor’s pad with a good amount of space that should simply do. Or, you could check out bungalows for rent on Air BnB. Find ones with a full-on backyard to make the most out of it.

Potluck Or Nah?

A potluck is always the way to go when it comes to anything last-minute. An assortment of food usually end up on the table when each and everyone contributes. If you’re planning for a sit-down dinner, then perhaps a catering would require a heads up way ahead of time. Try looking into food trucks instead, most food truck businesses usually do catering as well. Our favourite food truck: Curbside Cantina,

To DIY or to buy?

Decorate your party with our DIY favours or raid the nearest party supply store to you. A personalized party favours will be well worth it and a memorable gift for your guests.

A playlist or pass around the AUX cord?


You can either curate a playlist to keep the theme of the party alive or you could just wing it and leave the responsibility to the guests.