Malaysian Pride! Two Penang Boys Are Getting An Asteroid Named After Them

Penang represent! Image: The Star

We’ve heard of stars being named after or gifted to someone, but these two Penang boys have taken it to the next level — a whole other universe, actually.

16-year-old boys Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang from SMJK Chung Ling were awarded for their efforts in making a crude cinnamon extract into a totally eco-friendly larvicide. Its purpose is to get rid of Aedes mosquito larvae (and boy, is that super useful, especially during this rainy season).

The boys are working towards publishing their amazing findings and plan to apply for a patent after.

According to The Star report, the champion in the Chemistry category of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 (Intel ISEF) in the United States were promised an asteroid named after them. How cool is that??

Intel SEF was held from 11th to 18th May in Arizona this year and saw 1,800 finalists from 80 countries taking part.

While it’ll take around a year for the naming of the asteroids to be official, Malaysians are already psyched for these young Malaysians making their mark worldwide.