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Period Horror Stories Compilation

Goodness me, we all have a period horror story to tell. First of all, we gotta get over that it’s a taboo subject to touch upon and embrace the almost-normality that we’ve all  been there.

In fact, some of you may even treat it as a competition – even more fun! Usually in horror stories, there’s one main factor and that is the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. *Cue utter and total embarrassment*

Here are our compiled period horror stories:

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Make-shift, fail.

“I was 11 and over at my friend’s house to watch a movie with 5 other friends (mind you, there were guys there).

I started getting cramps and I knew my period was coming but NONE of my girl friends had their periods yet so I couldn’t ask anyone for a pad. I went to the bathroom and took like 10 layers of toilet roll to lay them as a pad and thought that I would be all good till I got home. I kept going to the bathroom to check if the makeshift pad was okay and to change it regularly cause it wasn’t durable. After using the bathroom for the 5th time, the guy I liked asked me if I was okay. I told him I just had a bad tummy ache but my friend proceeded to shout “ARE YOU TAKING A SHIT EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM?”. I didn’t want to say that I had my period so I reluctantly agreed.

My crush went to use the bathroom and FOUND the makeshift pad floating because it didn’t go down when I flushed! He came to me and said “I found something floating in the toilet bowl. You have your period? It’s okay, I have sisters so I know.”

Even though he was SO sweet about it, I was still SO MORTIFIED.” – Bethany

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