AirAsia Pilot And CLEO Bachelor Scott Rais Will Be Flying To Italy To Bring Home Stranded Malaysians

Scott Rais (left) holds up a sign depicting the mission that the AirAsia crew will embark on. Image: Scott Rais/Twitter


The plane has safely arrived back home. Scott Rais tweeted this video, indicating a successful flight, at about 10am this morning.

TeamCLEO would like to applaud the whole Air Asia crew on the successful mission.


Nobody expected 2020 to go like this but unfortunately, that’s the reality we’re in now. The Covid-19 pandemic has tremendously affected our daily lives with movement restrictions implemented globally.

Earlier this month, The Star reported that Associate Professor Hsu Li Yang, infectious diseases programme leader at the National University of Singapore’s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health said, “The virus is here to stay until the end of the year”.

In a speech regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government is making preparations to bring home 323 Malaysians stranded in Italy.

And last night, the time came. Scott Rais, Air Asia pilot and CLEO Bachelor 2017, took to Twitter to announce that he’ll be in the cockpit in the plane heading to Italy.

The Covid-19 outbreak in Italy is extremely worrying. The country has recorded almost 7000 deaths, surpassing China. Tempers are flaring in the country as a few leaders are seen losing their patience with their citizens online.

“I’m getting word that someone is having a graduation party,” Vincenzo De Luca, governor of the southern Campania region around Naples, raged on Facebook. “We’ll send in the carabinieri (paramilitary police), we’ll send them in with a flamethrower!”

Scott and that AirAsia flight has since landed in Rome and awaiting updates.