Cravings? Here Are 6 Places For Soy In KL

Even though the boba trend has died down a bit, we have and forever WILL love the tiny, chewy black pearls. But to keep the promise we made with ourselves at the start of the year, we’re taking a break (hopefully temporarily) from addictive milk teas. FYI, we’re not abandoning dessert totally, after all, we always have an extra stomach for sweet things. We’re just going with the healthier option – soy! Scroll down to see the 6 best places in KL and PJ for soy-based desserts and drinks.


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The soybean factory 

If you’re ever at Kwai Chai Hong to get your OOTD shots done, don’t leave without visiting Soybean Factory. It’s only fitting to savour in some traditional Chinese dessert to pair with the ’60s vibes that the ‘little demon alley’ projects.

Tau fu fah mixed with your favourite toppings – taro balls, boba, grass jelly, longan. What?!; Image credit: The Soybean Factory FB

As the moniker suggests, here’s where all your soy-related dreams will come true. You’ll spot tau fu fah, soy milk, shaved ice, soy milk lou sang – possibly anything that can be made out of soy. But if you ask what makes this place not a dime in a dozen: it has to be their savoury tau fu fah.

When you like your food salty, this is what to get – The Salty Tau Fu Fah!; Image credit: The Soybean Factory FB

We’re so accustomed to having tau fu fah as a sweet dessert that we find it unusual to see it served like porridge. A bowl of warm silken tofu topped with youtiao, chicken floss/ dried shrimp, salted vegetables, spring onions, coriander, soy sauce and onion oil.



Near Chinatown: 141, Jalan Petaling, City Centre, KL

Kepong: 51, Jalan 3/62A, Off, Jalan Kepong, Bandar Sri Menjalara, KL

PJ: 61, Jalan SS2/75, SS2, PJ


Opening Hours: 

Near Chinatown: 9.30am-10pm (daily)

Kepong: 12pm-11pm (daily)

PJ: 12pm-12am (daily)

Fb: @TheSoybeanFac

IG: @thesoybeanfactory


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