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A Poet’s Advice To Just “Go Ahead And Like It”

Not only do we live in the digital age but if you’ve got a job that requires you to be online almost 24/7 and even has the word ‘digital’ in your job title – it’s a dead giveaway that you probably don’t really sleep or have much time to yourself. In this case, reading is a luxury at this point in time but I buy books anyway in hopes I’d learn to eventually prioritise my time. *wishful thinking*

Everyone needs to take a step back and spend some time for themselves once in awhile. So when I discovered this book in the ‘self-help’ section, I was immediately intrigued by the concept and the title – plus, it seemed like an easy read so it was perfect for me.

An artistic and creative self-help book named ‘Go Ahead And Like It‘ by the poet Jacqueline Suskin, prompts readers to make a list of things they like – a simple yet incredibly profound way of collecting and remembering the good things in your daily life.

Having been inspired by the author’s own handwritten artistry, it’s actually helped me in making my own lists, whether written or I mentally noted the things ‘I like’ in that current moment in time.

The idea is to train yourself in the way you view the world amidst our busy schedules. We often forget to appreciate the little things in life – like literally the LITTLEST and most mundane things. Overtime, the impact it has on your happiness is pretty life-changing.

Making lists of the things you like offers an insight into your life and is a way to name and note the simplicities of life by calling them sacred – and hey, if you end up liking the same things I do, then I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

So, in taking the steps offered by Jacqueline Suskin, these are some of the things I like:


After about practicing this for a week, I found myself viewing things in a whole new light. I’d automatically start making mental notes in my head about the things I liked in that current situation, the people I was with, the surroundings I was in – even liking something as mundane as the flower decorations on the table I was sitting at.

When I started realising that I was viewing things in a different way I found myself in fact, being happier. When you appreciate and concentrate on the good things in your life and ‘liking’ them – you in turn end up having a more positive outlook on life.

Seriously, just go ahead and like it. You may end up surprising yourself.


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