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Pointers For Pointe: #TeamCLEO Spoke To New York City Ballet’s Soloist, Unity Phelan

Unity Phelan showing the ways to utilise the Ballet Barre (Image: PUMA)

Puma has had an eventful year as the brand continues to further refine its performance products and broaden their brand presence with top athletes and celebrities in the world of arts and culture. In June, Jay Z was named the creative director for Puma basketball.

In line with that vision, PUMA recently launched the latest En Pointe collection which was designed in collaboration with the strong and talented women from world-renowned dance company, the New York City Ballet (NYCB). The En Pointe collection consists of satin sneakers, light sports bras, and athleisure products — all of which are designed not just for the ballet enthusiast but anyone who wishes to benefit from dynamic flexibility and powerful movement.

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In conjunction with the launch, PUMA Malaysia flew one of NYCB’s performers, Unity Phelan, to Malaysia as part of the PUMA x NYCB’s tour across Asia. Not only did we have a quick sit down interview with the athlete-slash-artist, we even got to experience first hand what it takes to be the crème de la crème in ballet.

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What sets ballet apart from other dance disciplines?

Ballet has such intense discipline and it’s the perfect art form because it looks effortless and beautiful, but also super strong and powerful at times. You may not see it right away but if you study and learn it, you’ll see so much of the work is behind the scenes.

Members of Puma Team Faster Trainers Joining In The Fun (Image: PUMA)

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