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Being confined inside our house for 10 days straight is making us do unlikely things. Exerting all wrist power to whip up ONE cup of Dalgona coffee, sure why not? Indoor fishing, totally! But voluntarily cleaning, that’s a first! Probably our stress defense mechanism operating, desperate to keep us busy before we go full-mode cray cray.

Whatever the reason, it’s always great to keep the house all neat and tidy. Clutter around the house isn’t only sore to the eyes, apparently, it can affect your mental health too. It stokes anxiety, stress and even depression but fear not you can find your peace back with decluttering. With simple instructions by Marie Kondo, we urge you to give away / donate the things that no longer spark joy.

If you find it hard to separate from your belongings, call in the specialists. In this case, a professional organiser can help you do all that. They also coach you on planning and reorganising your space, aid you in paper and time management as well as goal setting! Since we’re still practising social distancing atm, scroll through these IG accounts for effective tips and tricks and get organising.


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