Breathe! PTPTN And UNITAR are Teaming Up So That Everybody Can Study

Remember the feeling of excitement when you finally know what you want for a career? Only to be crushed by disappointment the minute your parents told you that they couldn’t afford it. The struggle is very real.

This is not one person’s reality but a majority of Malaysians’. According to a report from The Star, 9 out of 10 students had to take up part-time jobs while studying to fund their university tuition fees.

Parents did help pay and they contribute RM 24,100 on average towards their children’s university education. However, the estimate for students’ spending over the course of a degree is RM 67,600. That’s a hefty RM 43,500 gap to fill!

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Luxurious spending may have caused such sky-rocket bills, but STILL, with or without, higher education is costly. Fortunately for us, PTPTN and UNITAR are joining hands to help lift a few weights off of your shoulders.

The good news came on August 5 when UNITAR announced their plans to make higher education affordable through discounts (up to 30 per cent!) on selected courses and reward those who scored 5 credits in SPM with a FREE foundation course.

Even if students messed up their SPM results or maybe studying was not their forte to begin with, that’s okay! There’s still hope of getting a scholarship if they have talent in sports or other commendable skills.

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These are honestly great deals! But if kaching kaching is what’s stopping you from applying, join the UNITAR work-study program where students will get to work on DAY-1 of the course. This way, not only will they be able to gain industry exposure, earn a salary but also get a degree certificate!

All these discounts and courses are 100% funded by PTPTN. Specifically targeted at the B40 group, we reckon it’s a good move to help get them out of the poverty cycle. So, #TeamCLEO approves