Lick Up! Here’s How Pun’s Ice Cream Gives Desserts A Fun Edge

Wordplay is fun when you can mix it in your everyday life, like when you’re enjoying a scrumptious scoop of ice cream. Pun’s Ice Cream is a modest, hidden spot in Taman Persiaran Desa and it’s not your average dessert spot. The team behind their ice creams puts a personal touch to their creations so each flavour likely has a story or meaning behind it, or it could be purely experimental and fun.

“We wanted to be progressive with flavours in ice creams and in our foods, that something so simple can have a lot of thought processes [to it] but also love and care,” owner Tan San Eu (nicknamed Euwie) says.

The place is a little tricky to find at first. With a little navigating, you’ll see a small sign that shows the store’s name.

Pun’s Ice Cream isn’t your run-of-the-mill dessert spot.

Euwie greets us first thing and invites us in. They operate in a cosy and homey place. The team is busy mixing some of the ice creams and putting ingredients together while cheerfully chatting. Amidst the chaos of not having a set menu, they were still very organised and present with their customers. 

We’re intrigued by Euwie’s story as he tells us how he came to start the ice cream business and restaurant. He has been a chef for eight years, having worked in Australia and France. He was inspired by his mentors in the culinary industry throughout his time overseas; which drove him to make ice cream flavours of his own as well as savoury dishes.

“We (the team) just loved what we were doing. Honestly it felt like we wanted to contribute greatly to the Malaysian culinary world,” says Euwie.

Euwie (second from the right) and the team who are behind the unique ice cream flavours you’ll find at Pun’s.

Pun’s Ice Cream is a pretty new establishment — they only opened early 2019 to the public. They started out as a supper club in Bangsar at first and they’re now branching out to do their own thing.

Euwie mentions that Pun’s follows a zero waste policy after he learnt about sustainability over the years being in the industry. Going zero waste means that they don’t waste anything that they buy and use. Everything in excess is given away in the proper manner.

During the weekdays, it’s an ice cream spot and you can order from a wide range of flavours (keep reading to see which were our faves!). Then, the place transforms into a restaurant on weekends. 

So delish! Berry Naise is made of real berries.

Their ice cream flavours are super unique and inspired by everyday life, whether it’s someone interesting they met or an experience they’ve had. Euwie even named their triple scoop as “Christy” — after a member of the family who had triplets.

The Pun’s team also incorporates local flavours and delights into the ice cream flavours. Some of them are Hee Hee Haw Haw that’s made of haw flakes, Milo (with their own house-made Milo nuggets inside), and the Rabbit and Turtle (this flavour is inspired by White Rabbit candy and even had the texture of the local candy). These flavours definitely give a nostalgic feel to their local customers.

Most of their ice creams are made from scratch.

We had a tasting of 18 flavours and notable favourites were the Gimme Smore (inspired by Smores), Berry Naise (made with real berries), Cheese and Chill (actual cheesecake was in it) and American Pie (touches of cinnamon peeped through this flavour). You’ll notice the flavours they have are #SoPunny. 

Most of their ice creams are house-made and that makes them extra special because you won’t find the same kind of flavours and textures anywhere else. Prices are RM7 per scoop, RM12 per double scoop and RM18 for a Christy (a.k.a. triple scoop). 

Oat sourdough waffle topped with Gimme S’more and salted caramel ice cream flavours (RM13).

The final part of the tasting was a serving of the oat sourdough waffle (highly recommended, by the way) that they make from scratch. It’s warm when served and lightly crispy on the edges. Waffles are a must-have in an ice cream spot, in our opinion, and it was the perfect way to enjoy our favourite flavours. 

Cosy, breezy vibes at Pun’s.

They also offer vegan ice cream options so vegans rejoice! With every week being different at Pun’s because they’re constantly making new flavours and recipes, you’ll find that the team stays efficient as they warmly welcome you in for a satisfying treat.  

To know more about Pun’s Ice Cream, check them out here:

Address: 5 Jalan Robson, Taman Persiaran Desa, 50460 KL



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