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Ridiculous Music Videos To Have Taken Over The Internet

It’s been 4 years since Psy’s ‘Gangam Style’ music video on YouTube became THE most viewed video of all time. Since then we’ve seen different YouTube sensations pop up right, light and centre. Thank you, people of the Internet for all the whacky and catchy videos that have made life worth living. 

Gangam Style

Over 2 billion views.

Self explanatory. Psy’s ‘Gangam Style’ is still the most watched video on YouTube.

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

Over 33 million views

The amazing cherogrpahy and timing of this video has got everyone thinking it looks sooo easy! Jokes on you. (I tried)

Rebecca Black – Friday

Over 100 million views

The second most disliked song on YouTube – poor Rebecca Black was just trying to make a name for herself! No such thing as bad press right?

Ylvis – The Fox

Over 600 million views.

Yes, it’s a song. And yes, people go nuts for it.

DizastaMusic – Do The Harlem Shake

Over 56 million views.

These lads were the first ones to kick off the ‘Harlem Shake’ viral video by ‘dancing’ to the original tune from Baauer ‘Harlem Shake’. 

Kazaki – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Over 16 million views.

Must I really explain this one? This has been the source of inspiration for other renditions of this video out there.


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