Say “Wine Not?” To These Perfect Gifts For Wine Lovers

We all have that one friend who loves wine way too much – wait, or are we THAT friend? 

Either way, the personal relationship one has with wine is unexplainable; it’s there for you in times of happiness and when you’re down in the dumps – it’s a life long companion.

If it were socially acceptable we’d be a little bit like this:

So, fellow wine lovers – we’re here to grace you with all the possible gifts you can get for your wine lover friends or for yourself because, wine not?

Wine Thermometer

Take the temperature of your wine and get the most from the taste with this wine thermometer! Attach it like a belt around the bottle and within minutes you can read the temperature on the digital display. I mean, it’s like we expect you to drink your white warm anyway but just in case.

You can buy it here.

Image: Bored Panda

“EvOlverre” One Glass For Every Drink

Designed by Utopik Designs, this glass uses the same head and a different base for 4 main glass-specific types of drinks: water, cognac, wine and champagne. All the necessities if you ask us! How genius is this?

Image: Bored Panda


Flask Bangle 

Is it jewellery or is it just the sneakiest way to power through a bad date? You can purchase it over here.

Image: Cynthia Rowley


the Winerack

We first saw it on Mindy Kaling and now we too can feel fully supported when drinking.

Purchase it here!

Image: Food And Wine

The Wine Purse

We need this bad boy in our life. Why? It can hold up to 2 bottles of wine. WIN!