The Real Deal Behind Sex With Your Ex

Ahh, sex with your ex. There’s nothing really new or groundbreaking — and it’s likely most of us have fallen into this trap. He’s turned up looking fine AF,  and you’re reduced to  a blabbering fool who’s feeling… lost AF (doesn’t matter you have that Masters degree and have your life together, right?).

Your literal face when you’re in that lusty fog.

The sheets feel comfortingly familiar and, oh look, he still hasn’t fixed that crack in the ceiling. You squeeze in closer, inhaling his familiar smell (wait, is that a new shampoo?) then yes, there it is – your guaranteed orgasm. An ex can be a pleasant, umm… filler until something – or someone – better comes along. Afterwards, you pick up your emotional baggage from where you left it outside the bedroom door last night (along with your coat and shoes) and carry on with life.

Ah, the ideal ex-sex fantasy. Then there’s the slew of celebrity on-offs. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Gigi and Zayn *cough*


The problem is it rarely goes down that beautifully. Luckily, we have the answers! Real practical ones, as well as tips from an expert. Swipe through for the types of ex-situations and how you can avoid s-ex and caving in to replying that Whatsapp “ding”. TAKE IT FROM US.

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“We found each other, I helped you out of a dark place…” – The Weeknd on Selena and well basically all his exes

Sitch: You still pine over him and can’t quite figure out why you guys let this r’ship fall by the wayside.

WHAT U MUST DO: Be casual and let him take the lead. If he suggests a catch-up, say yes but keep it super casual.

DON’T DO THIS: Don’t fall at his feet in a drooling mess, admitting you were a fool for letting him go. Most likely, he’s moved on and you just look bad for throwing yourself at him.

REMEMBER: Sometimes the brain builds someone up and magically erases all the bad. Well, we’re not just saying this, it’s pretty much human psychology. We focus on the good. But there was a reason you broke up: Is he really the guy you’ll ever love? Yeah thought so. And as for getting in the sheets with him? Don’t do it unless you really want that crushing heartbreak and that endless mindf*** cycle. You’ll give yourself hope and you’ll catch those feels. Stay away.

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