Spice Girls Set Reunion Tour For UK And U.S.

Slam your body down and wind it all around, the Spice Girls are making a comeback for a reunion tour!

The Spice Girls

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Fans in the UK and the U.S. will be happy to know, the iconic 90s English Pop girl gang have confirmed the tour. According to TMZ, their in the early stages of planning but they’ll be performing their best hits all around England in the late Summer before travelling to the U.S.

All members including Mel B, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C are all on board to commit to the reunion. It has also been reported that Simon Fuller, the man behind ‘American Idol’ will be organizing and managing the Spice Girls.

We sure hope all the rumours actually come true, and perhaps they’ll be able to slot in Malaysia if a South East Asia route ever follows through. Meanwhile, we’ll still be singing Wannabe during our karaoke sessions.