We Spoke To Ed Sheeran And We Think He Deserves All The Good Things In Life

About a month ago, Ed Sheeran cancelled some of his shows in Asia after a bike accident and we freaked out. Wondering if he would recover in time to make it to Malaysia, everyone in the region was praying for a speedy recovery. And sure enough, on November 14, Ed Sheeran made his way to Kuala Lumpur and put on one hell of a show (which sold out in 30 minutes, btw).

We had the rare opportunity to speak to him in a group interview (huge shout out to Warner Music Malaysia for making this possible), just an hour before he went up on stage. Extremely down-to-earth and humble, Ed Sheeran was one of the easiest artists to chat with. The nerves I felt prior to meeting him slowly eased away as he would joke around with his answers—a clear indication that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Find out which song in Divide is Ed’s favourite, his alcoholic blur in 2015 and one of the funniest memes of himself that he’s seen (his answer had us cracking up!).