OMG, The Starbucks Valentine’s Collection Is So Cute!

Now that February has rolled around already, you immediately think of Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. No matter what your relationship status or your stance is on Valentine’s Day (aka “if you’re in a relationship it should be Valentine’s Day every day” *cough cough* or “Valentine’s Day is just a day to market flowers and gifts in the name of love”!), you have to admit that some of the merch you see are pretty cute and cool.

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The Starbucks Valentine’s 2020 collection does seem very cute and whether you’re loved-up, in a relationship, want to drop hints to your crush, or want to gift these to a deserving friend (Galentine’s Day, right!), these are quick and easy presents that are good enough to keep for yourself.

We’re just leaving this here for you to appreciate and gawk at. Credit: Starbucks Malaysia

Take a look for yourself!

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it’s always rainbows and unicorns

From left: Starbucks® Hearts and Rainbows Tumbler (16 oz), RM68; Starbucks® Hearts and Rainbows Tumbler (16 ss), RM115; Starbucks® Valentine Icons Cold Cup (16 oz), RM68

They say the way to a women’s heart is via a drink she loves, lots of pink, hearts, rainbows and unicorns. Honestly, this might not be true but we’re really love-ing the designs of these drink holders. And if you’re an avid collector, do please know that you should probably put these high on your covet list. Just take a look at that mug!

Starbucks® Heart and Cherries Water Bottle (20 oz), RM65; Starbucks Hearts Mug (12 oz), RM82; Starbucks® Valentine Icons Water Bottle (13 ss), RM115

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