When To Start, Slow Down, and Stop Entirely During A Party.

I reckon we’ve all been in a situation where our partying got a tad bit out of hand. If nah, you’re either lying to yourself, or your parents have you on a pretty solid lock down (like that’s ever stopped you before psshhttt! :P). Now that we’re 21, it’s probably the “adult” thing to be more wary of how we’re carrying ourselves, right? So, when exactly is the right time to start, slow down, and stop entirely during a party?



Remember when you were 14, and your parents let you throw a house “party” for your birthday?

That awkward feels when everyone sat in a circle, looking at each other, drinking soda, thinking about whether or not the entire night would stay this way – yeah, let’s not go back there again.

Start by taking initiative! Even if the party seems like a major downer, YOU can always do something about it. Turn up the music, and get a little crazy!

Ok, so maybe some of us are a little more introverted than others, and it’s not exactly our cup of tea to highlight that #awks within.

If you find yourself hiding in a corner, and avoiding all means conversation because maybe, people just suck in general, scout out the area for like minded beings!



3, 4 (or maybe 7, IDK) shots down the line, you’re feeling about a hundred levels more confident. And by confident, I could possibly mean getting a little too aggressive with the friends you’ve just made.

When you start getting the munchies. Your body craving food is a great sign to help flag out that your are DE-HY-DRATEDD – time to start downing H2O instead.

Or when you’re ambushed with a picture, and you attempt to smile, but your intoxicated soul allows no further function of your face.

I get that honesty’s the best policy, but maybe keep that virtue to yourself if you start being too honest with acquaintances.

Humans do have a tendency of having their guard up when meeting someone new, so use this sign to hold back a wee bit before messages get transmitted to your mouth beyond reprieve!



Ideally, you should’ve just gone home after already having decided to slow down. This next sentence comes entirely with the benefit of the doubt – we get that sometimes, the homie you came with wants to stay back a little longer, so you conquer, and probably find yourself in the next few situations…

Your vision starts to fail on you.

You’re slumped in a corner, unable to prop yourself up.

You keep falling over yourself.

This is the time to call it quits! Major feels with you, about being too broke to have to uber home solo, but I mean, if you had enough moolah for the shots, you’ll have enough to get home safely in one piece.