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Step-by-Step On How To Make Pom-Poms To Fluff Up Your Gift-Wrapping This Xmas

It’s one thing to scout for gifts that are perfect for your loved ones during a festive season. Especially with so much on your mind; trying to avoid splurging, organising family get-togethers, making sure you get work done before going off on holiday and as well as refreshing the mind to start another great year ahead!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Christ-mukkah and etc, gift-wrapping can always be done swiftly. Just hand the job over to a complimentary service at the nearest department store. But we all know the better option is to add a personal touch this holiday and put in the extra effort!

Your gifts will be the easiest to spot out of the bunch and memorable, to say the least. We learnt how to make our own pom-poms to add colour to our gifts, here’s how you can do it yourself. It will only take less than 10 minutes!


You will need:

  • Yarn Threads (Have colour options and a variety of textures)
  • Cords (I used Hemp Cords here, you don’t have to. I’m just organic liddat’)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sellotape
  • Ruler
  • A Comb/Fork
  • Wrapping Paper


1. Wrap your gifts with a cute wrapping paper! (I’m not showing you how to do this, assuming you’ve already done this before. Here’s a step-by-step if you’re really new to this)

2. Wrap a yarn thread of your choice on either a comb or fork (I’m using a fork here just to illustrate more clearly) – The bigger the gap you wrap the thread around, the bigger the pom.


3. Keep wrapping it in a loop. Try to wrap it on top of each other instead of wrapping upwards. The thicker the loop, the fluffier your pom will be. Keeping it tight will also help you out later on! Once it looks like this, cut off excess thread.


4. Measure and cut about 10cm of a cord and pop one end into the middle space of the fork. Secure a knot around the ball of thread and pull it off the fork.


5. Tie another knot to make sure the thread has nowhere to go. If it’s lose, the outcome may not be as nice! It should be looking round at this point.


6. Now time to snip! Take your scissors and cut all the loops. You may also cut off the excess cord.


7. Feather the pom out, and snip accordingly to even it out.

And Voilà! Now you can dress up all your gifts with a frenzy of pom-poms.



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