Sundays Are Meant For Champagne Brunchin’


#TeamCLEO decided to venture out and we took our own advice by trying out a champagne brunch over the weekend. Sundays are meant for champagne brunchin’ and that is exactly what we did. We tried out Shook! at Starhill Gallery to see what their Sunday brunch buffet had to offer.

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First of all, the ‘Mad Hatters Sunday Brunch’? That doesn’t exist anymore! We’re not complaining but we were looking forward to the unusual dress up theme.

In fact, the ‘champagne brunch’ started off with prosecco!

Their champagne brunch hour is from 12PM-4PM which basically meant, well…






… And a whole lotta this.

The buffet spread was unbelievable! We made our way from the Japanese cuisine for starters (and by starters we mean our first round), the Italian cuisine for the second round and Western for our third round. We basically went a whole circle at full throttle around the beautiful spread because we were all merry and the food was delectable. Totally worth the RM220++ that we ended up paying.



It got to around 3PM and the live music was pumping, people were prosecco infused and food coma instilled but we all wanted more free flow champ-wait, I mean prosecco.  And only when we drank the prosecco dry did the champagne only come in…


“Where’s the champagne, bro?!”

There it is.


“Here sir, why don’t you just take the whole bottle?”

The processo and champagne infused humans thought it was a good idea to hijack the live band…

Thank you for the impeccable food and service, Shook! and to the staff for putting up with our antics!


If Sundays are this much fun, then we want in.