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7 Super-Cute Accessories That Every Boba Lover Needs

With so many bubble tea stores popping up, it’s definitely having a serious moment here in KL. Every time we see someone having boba on Insta, we can’t help ourselves, too! The cravings hit us hard. Who knew a drink could make people so happy? 

Our literal expression when someone agrees to get boba with us

When we love and crave boba this much, we want it in all the forms we could possibly think of — and we’re talking just about anything, from jewellery to home living items. Seeing these boba-themed trinkets just puts a smile on our faces, so we’re here to share the love.

Hop onto the trend with boba accessories and lifestyle items that you won’t be able to resist! It’s fun, cute and lets the world know you’ve got the drink on your mind 24/7. Swipe through for the 7 items we’ve curated to ignite the boba lover in you.

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Image: Courtesy of Jeoel

Sapphire Bubble Tea Charm, RM259, Available at Jeoel

This cute accessory got us lookin’! JEOEL just dropped a new Sapphire Bubble Tea charm. The jewellery company came through with this beaute to give their customers what they wanted–a bubble tea charm. The charm is set with natural sapphires in rainbow-coloured hues of purple, deep pink, blue and yellow. It’s made and embedded to look like boba pearls! It’s a quality piece to add to your jewellery collection, totes worth every $$$ you spent on it. 

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