3 Super Pretty And Delish Dessert Spots In KL You Have To Try

Desserts that are too pretty to eat. Image: Courtesy of Dew

As Malaysians, we’re born as foodies. Food’s a whole topic of conversation for us. We could go for hours talking about the good spots to head to and describing the unique flavours in a very passionate way.

Life’s hard enough as it is and food (especially dessert!) makes everything just a little better. A total plus point is when it has a pretty aesthetic too! It’s all about the insta pics, no?

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The thing about eating super pretty and delicate desserts is you’ll feel bad about ruining the dessert masterpieces (ah well) but you’ll make your tummy happy.

There’s a bunch of dessert places popping up in KL and if you appreciate your food looking as good as it tastes (let’s be honest, sometimes they just don’t look good enough for the ‘gram), you’d love these spots we rounded up for you.

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This place is located just next to Jaslyn Cakes and it’s also run by the talented baker (BTW, Jaslyn Rangson was our Hot Shot in 2017). Her cakes over at Dew have a more delicate and refined touch compared to her neighbouring well-loved bakery. It’s nice that there’s a contrast between the two depending on what you’re feeling like or on the occasion – casual or a tad more special.

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The seating in Dew is set up around marble kitchen islands with a clean, minimalist interior concept and florals at the front of the shop for a pop of colour.

L-R: Chocolate hazelnut mousse, lavender & lemon curd mousse. Image: Courtesy of Dew

Our faves? Well, we absolutely loved the Lavender and Lemon Curd Mousse! The sweetness of the lavender mousse is balanced out with the citrusy lemon curd flavour. Lavender lovers will love that the familiar calming floral scent can be enjoyed in a dessert form.

Side shot of chocolate hazelnut mousse. Image: Courtesy of Dew

The Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse is perfect for choco lovers. It’s made of quality chocolate (Valrhona that is) and has a little crunch from the caramalised hazelnuts.

Jasmine mousse filled with lightly cooked apricot compote, jasmine panna cotta and a soft marzipan sponge. Image: Courtesy of Dew

Address: 7, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Website: dewbangsar.com

Facebook: facebook.com/dewbangsar

Instagram: instagram.com/dewbangsar

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