Take A Bite Into McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger When In Singapore

A local favourite that can’t go wrong, or … can it?

Image: Twitter

Fast-food advocates will already know that every country’s McDonald’s has their own modern spin to its local cuisine to suit the majority’s tastebuds. To name a few, in South Korea there’s the Bulgogi Burger, Canada’s Poutine and many more.

In the light of our neighbour’s National Day approaching on August 9th, the breakfast (lunch and dinner) staple has been transformed into a burger as part of McDonald’s special limited-edition menu in Singapore.

Behold, a Nasi Lemak Burger. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Image: Twitter

To complete the set, they will also be serving the familiar Cendol Ice-Cream and Bandung Fizz. An exciting addition would be the Coconut Pie and Kueh Salat Cake!

This menu is set to launch tomorrow July 13th in Singapore in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2017. We’re super triggered and NEED to get feedback on how it actually tastes – drop us a comment fellow Singaporeans.

Nasi Lemak Burger – Yay or Nay?