Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Has Us Shook

In case you haven’t been watching the VMAs, because of time zones and whatnot, Taylor Swift had just released her music video for her comeback single, “Look What You Made Me Do”. Naturally, it had everyone shook.

With more references than we can count–snakes, old Taylor Swifts, her reputation’s grave, her dissing herself in the end (personal favourite, btw)–Tay Tay isn’t here to play. Clearly, she’s after blood.

I’ll be honest. When the song first came out, I wasn’t really a huge fan. My initial thoughts were simply questioning why she gotta be so bitter all the time, writing songs about other people, because of other people.

But this music video had me shook. It seems like Taylor Swift is owning everything people have said about her–and she’s unapologetic about being who she is, not one single bit.

Obviously the Swifties were beyond excited about the music video. And what better place to go to other than Twitter for those reactions?

Now I know what my life goal is: To achieve the same level of pettiness as Taylor’s.