How #TeamCLEO Got Through Bullying

Ah, high school. What a bittersweet time. You either love it or you hate it or… Both. As part of any teenagers high school experience, bullying always seems to be the common denominator that every teenager went through at some point or another. Almost like a rite of passage. We’ll admit that sometimes cases of bullying can be far worse than others but we’ll also admit that we did indeed learn a thing or two about ourselves. This is how #TeamCLEO got through our bullying days.

“So there was this one girl who was a major bully. Throughout primary school she’d be called to the guru besar’s office every so often; the one time that stood out in my mind was when she snipped off some girls’ hair for no reason. In High School she was the cool, smart, pretty kid — guys wanted her and girls wanted to be her. She eventually went off to boarding school in Australia, which was probably just a cover for her drug troubles. From what we heard she got into way too much trouble with drugs, and now she has a diagnosed mental disorder. Her digital rants don’t make an sense and it’s not likely she’s very in touch with reality at all. When I saw her once, she says she’s doing better on medication. Lesson: Don’t bully and don’t do drugs.” – Lina Esa, Editor

“I was bullied in primary school for my kembang hair. Boys would call me “mushroom head” and when I wore a headband to “tame” my hair, they would call me “mushroom head with black pepper” – Natasha Iman, Beauty Writer 

“Picking on juniors is nothing new. I’ve been there and boys can say much meaner things than girls in my school ever did. Fake rumours would spread out between them and their “clique”, there’s nothing like walking down the halls with people whispering behind your back. Once you teach yourself to not care so much and realize who you ACTUALLY want to be your friend – it all gets better.” – Shyafika Arina, Web Writer

“Growing up, I was painfully shy and timid. And being in an all-girl school from my primary yearsthroughout secondary, that just made me an easy target. In Standard 1, I was pushed around and got hustled into giving away my lunch money. In Form 1, I was picked on by a group of popular girls. The usual mind games, Mean Girls cliché entailed. It got so bad to the point where I dreaded going to school and made a constant, conscious effort to NOT bump into any of them in the hallways. One day I decided enough was enough. Nobody had the right to make me feel lesser than I am. So I toughened up, took no shit and beat them at their own game. They didn’t bother me anymore after that.” – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer

“You know, girls can be mean. REALLY mean. With my high school, it was always this cycle. One week you’re the bully with your #GirlGang and the next week YOU’RE the one getting bullied by said #GirlGang. I was also quite a late bloomer in high school and went from a really skinny kid that suddenly grew a butt and boobs and I would get taunted by the senior girls saying I was fat. I would walk pass their posse and they would shout at me “DO YOU GUYS FEEL THAT? THE GROUND IS SHAKING.” and I would just run to the toilet and cry. Thing is, we were also in the same football team and not to toot my own horn but I would take pride in the fact that I was always picked for first line up as a junior and that she was a senior and was never picked.There was nothing I did that inherently got me through it per se but it was more like, just living your life knowing that you never stooped down to their level. And now? Well, I don’t even care about her.” – Elyza Khamil, Digital Content Producer

“I had bad skin throughout my whole high school life. It wasn’t bad skin like just a pimple or two – I had angry acne all over. I remember this one time very clearly. I was in Year 8 and a classmate of mine made a comment about my skin condition in front of the whole class. It hurt a lot and it was really embarrassing. But I knew he said it to get a reaction out of me so I didn’t give him that. That was the first and last time he made a comment about my skin because he didn’t get the acknowledgment he wanted. The comment doesn’t affect me now that my skin condition is way better, but it will always stick with me.” – Melanie Chow, Web Writer

Were you guys ever bullied or the bully? If so, we wanna hear your stories!