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#TeamCLEO’s Last Say Of 2016

Ready for the New Year? Over at CLEO, we know we are. It’s been a crazy hectic last couple of months with revamping our style but we did it just in time for to get ready for the New Year. #NewYearNewUs

#TeamCLEO has something to say to 2016…

“Seems like 2016 was rough for everyone… Myself included. It was challenging yes, but mostly for the better! I’m grateful for the ups and downs because I get to appreciate life and the little things so much more now. I’m grateful for #TeamCLEO and getting to work with a kick-a$$ team, and thankful for having my gorgeous son in my life. Excited for what’s in store for 2017!”   – Lina Esa, Editor

“BYE 2016. BYE. *unfriends 2016 from all social media*” – Natasha Iman, Beauty Writer
“Vote for Harambe” – Shyafika Arina, Web Writer

“Bye Felicia” – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer

“Yaaaaassssszzzzz” – Mils Gan, Associate Art Director 

“??????????” – Voon Wei, Fashion Editor

“#bai” – Joash Kong, Sub-Editor

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