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The 8 Things We Love About The Iphone 11

You might have just bought an iPhone XS or XR, but we’ve got news: iPhone will be releasing iPhone 11. While it has the same seamless display as its predecessor, there’s one stark difference: the camera—or should we say, cameras. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max now comes in a textured matte glass back, so if you love everything matte, this one’s for you. They come in four finishes, including the new midnight green.

Of course, there are also differences on a more technical level, so scroll through the gallery to find out and decide if you need the new iPhones.

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Dual-camera and triple-camera systems

iPhone 11 gets an upgrade from a single camera on iPhone XR to a dual-camera system, comprising Wide and Ultra Wide cameras. The latter allows you to shoot four times more scene, which means you can take a pro-level scenery shot without bringing a wide-angle lens attachment.

If you’re just getting used to having two cameras on your phone, get ready to welcome a third one into your family because the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max comes with three camera.

The triple-camera system comprises Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras so you can have a pro-level camera experience—or that’s what Apple says, at least.

Don’t worry, you’ll still have your 4K video capability, but with the Ultra Wide camera, you can shoot scenery, architecture or action videos, in case you’re an aspiring videography.

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